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VOTE BY MAY 7, 2024

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Read the Meet the Candidate Q&A at Lansing News Wire

I've lived in the Lansing area since the third grade. My husband, son, and I have lived in the city itself since 2000, first on the east side and now in the Turner Dodge neighborhood. My son came up through the Lansing School District, graduating from Lansing Eastern in 2019.

I've worked in state government for 15 years, with significant experience in both policy analysis and planning and evaluation. My most recent work as a program re-engineering specialist has focused on building and implementing processes to meaningfully include under-represented populations in policy-making decisions. 

I believe in the power of community-driven change and the importance of an inclusive, equitable future for all of us. Our city is rich with diverse voices. I will champion processes that encourage community participation in our city's government. I want to ensure that all residents are heard and represented, regardless of background or circumstance. 

Lansing can be a city for all of us. 

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